The Third Middle East Congress on Rhinology and Facial Plastic Surgery (MERC2012) will be held in Tehran at April 24-27th 2012, the best seasonal time. In April, weather in Tehran is pleasant and mild, temperatures are between 16-20 C. English will be the official language of the Congress. In this meeting experts from all around the world will graciously share their newest experiences and innovations in the fields of Rhinology and Facial Plastic Surgery.


Description of Photos:

1. Professor Reza Award for the outstanding pioneers of rhinology and facial plastic surgery in the Middle East.
2. Most of the MERC2010 international faculty were from the United States.
3. International convention center of Tehran Olympic Hotel was the nice venue of the meeting.
4. Iranian folk dance at the closing ceremony
5. Rastak folk music band at the Persian Evening
6. Faculty dinner in a traditional Persian restaurant with traditional live music.



MERC10 Congress Report

The Second Middle East Congress on Rhinology and Facial Plastic Surgery – MERC2010

Tehran hosted the biennial Middle East Congress on Rhinology and Facial Plastic Surgery (MERC) for the second time on November 17th to 19th, 2010.

Over the last couple of years, the MERC earned recognition, around the region and in many parts of the world, as a top-class learning experience. The meeting was organized by Rhinology Research Society (RRS) and Tehran University of Medical Sciences. It was held under auspices of European Rhinologic Society and European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery. The president of the meeting was Dr. Mohesn Naraghi, who was also the chair of the RRS.

The opening ceremony was included donation of Professor Reza Award to the outstanding pioneers of rhinology and facial plastic surgery in the Middle East.

The Olympic Hotel convention center provided an excellent venue for the second Middle East Congress on Rhinology and Facial Plastic Surgery.
The attendees enjoyed a wonderful chance to tour the beautiful city of Tehran, with all its historical monuments, palaces, museums, and cultural heritage. Also, some had the opportunity of a trip to the historical cities of Esfahan and Shiraz, visiting many world-famous tourist attractions there.

The congress was structured in a manner that it covered both scopes of rhinology and facial plastic surgery at the same time. In the mornings, plenary sessions were in order, and in the afternoons, the participants chose which lecture hall to attend.

The MERC2010 had a "full-engagement" formula. All the ingredients of this successful formula were noticeable during this year's meeting.
More than 500 attendees, mostly otolaryngologists, rhinologists, facial plastic surgeons, and plastic surgeons from 11 countries, took part in the twin program.

The attendees had the unique opportunity to be closely in touch with some of the most famous masters in the field in a welcoming congenial atmosphere.

The distinguished faculty included renowned international guest speakers from the United States, Europe, and the region.
The Iranian faculty were also among the best in the field, many of them with high international reputation.

The meeting commenced with a session including introductory lectures on rhinoplasty delivered by Rollin K. Daniel and Sam Most, both from California; and also benchmark lectures on sinus surgery by Hannes Braun from Graz and Ramtin Kassir from New York. In the afternoon of the first day, mini-seminars on surgical rejuvenation of the middle and lower face, and also endoscopic lift of the upper face were underway, with two instruction courses on FESS and rhino-neurosurgery and also two separate instruction courses on nasal reconstruction, and photography for facial plastic surgery in another hall.

The second day of the meeting, again, began with a plenary morning session with landmark presentations on rhinoplasty and rhino-neurosurgery.
Subsequent sessions addressing round table on nasal tip surgery techniques and mini-seminar on the crooked nose.
Meanwhile, sessions on blepharoplasty and non-surgical measures in facial plastics were underway in another hall.

Video demonstrations of original unpublished cases performed by masters was the last order of each day. These included presentations on endonasal endoscopic orbital surgery, rhinoplasty and face lift rejuvenation surgery.
These interactive sessions allowed participants to virtually enter the operating room with the experts, and be guided with greater detail through techniques, with before-after documentations to demonstrate the outcome of various procedures.

The third day commenced with instruction courses on the nasal valve and also fillers and neuromodulators 2010 followed by lectures on diced cartilage grafts on rhinoplasty.
All presentations were clear, detailed and contained enormous loads of experience and practical tips in each subject. All sessions included adequate opportunity for questions and fruitful dialogue between the participants and the faculty.

The courses was well attended, presented, and organized, and proved to be of exceptional value to attendees at all levels. It aimed toward structured learning for experienced surgeons, while at the same time contributed greatly to the teaching of the next generation of rhinologists and facial plastic surgeons.

These are a few quotes from evaluation forms and emails from attendees: "Intensive, but great teaching." "excellent lectures and video presentations." "This is an outstanding course. Please contact me for the future one." "All issues were addressed in this course." "I've learned a lot, about a lot of different subjects!"

The social programs of the course included dinning out at various traditional Persian restaurants with traditional live music at night time.

The closing social event of the MERC2010, was "The Persian Evening." This featured two separate parts. First, the Rastak folk music band, featuring 12 impressive young women and men, outstandingly performed various Iranian songs. They were greeted with an endless applause by the audience.

Then the Shenlick dance group performed exquisite variations of Iranian folk dance. One international faculty member said: "This was the best closing ceremony I've ever seen." more...



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Tehran, the capital of Iran is one of the largest metropolitans of the world, and it is the country's largest economic center and the base for its large and small modern technological and industrial establishments. Located on the slopes of the mountains and at the foot of the magnificent Mount Damavand. The meeting was organized by... more

The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery(AAFPRS)
European Rhinology Society(ERS)
European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery(EAFPS)